Asset Performance Management (APM) in the “New Normal”

Media Partnership (L-R) From Manila Standard - Elvin Clarete, Circulation Supervisor; Mr. Edgar Valmorida, Circulation Manager; From Erudite - Mr. Wins Bernal, President; Ms. Jaymie Jaramillo, Project Coordinator

The “New Normal”

In the wake of global disruptions, the concept of the “New Normal” has become a staple in discussions across industries, signaling a shift towards adapting and thriving in a world where change is the only constant. This adjustment is particularly poignant in the realm of Asset Performance Management (APM), where the stakes for efficiency, reliability, and innovation have never been higher. As organizations navigate these turbulent times, integrating APM within the framework of the New Normal is not just strategic—it’s essential for sustainable success.

Asset Performance Management in the New Normal

The New Normal has ushered in an era where digital transformation accelerates at an unprecedented pace. For Asset Performance Management, this means leveraging advanced technologies to ensure assets are not just maintained but optimized to deliver maximum value amidst evolving challenges.

Remote Monitoring and Predictive Analytics: The pandemic underscored the importance of remote operations and digital oversight. APM now leans heavily on IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and predictive analytics to monitor asset health in real-time, from anywhere. This shift not only adheres to social distancing mandates but also enhances decision-making with data-driven insights, minimizing downtime and extending asset life.

Sustainability and Efficiency: The New Normal also brings a heightened focus on sustainability. Organizations are now reevaluating their asset management strategies through the lens of environmental impact and energy efficiency. APM technologies that offer insights into energy consumption and waste production are critical, allowing businesses to align their operations with sustainability goals.

Cybersecurity and Asset Data Protection: As APM becomes increasingly digital, the security of asset-related data has emerged as a paramount concern. The integration of cybersecurity measures into APM practices ensures that as assets and their management become smarter, they also remain secure against cyber threats.

Adapting to Change with Agility: The ability to adapt to sudden changes in market demands or operational conditions is a hallmark of the New Normal. APM strategies now prioritize flexibility and scalability, enabling organizations to swiftly adjust their asset utilization and maintenance plans in response to external pressures.

Visualizing the Future of APM

As we contemplate the future of Asset Performance Management in the New Normal, imagine a world where digital twins and augmented reality (AR) for maintenance procedures become commonplace, where machine learning algorithms predict failures before they happen, and where sustainability is deeply integrated into every asset decision.

By embracing these innovations, organizations can navigate the complexities of the New Normal, ensuring their assets are not just managed but are dynamic contributors to their resilience and growth. The integration of APM with the principles of the New Normal is not just a response to current challenges but a proactive approach to shaping the future of industry.


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