Conference Tracks

These are broad topics that serve as the overarching focus of a conference or event. Understanding the conference theme and related topics can help attendees determine which sessions and presentations will be most relevant and beneficial for them to attend.

Conference Tracks and Related Topics

This conference track will delve into the theme of ‘Leadership in Engineering’. We invite industry leaders to share insights on guiding engineering projects towards sustainability, highlighting how leadership can effectively integrate sustainable practices in engineering.

Leadership in Reliability

As sustainable asset utilization gains prominence, this track will discuss implementing sustainable and risk-averse strategies in asset management. Aligning with ISO 55000 and the SDGs, we explore paths to resilient and economically viable operations.

Asset and Risk Management

Addressing the critical role of RAMS, the conference will cover the latest tools and methodologies to enhance system performance and safety, showcasing how RAMS contributes to the UN SDGs.

RAM and Maintenance Management

Focusing on asset integrity, we will explore best practices for maintenance and ethical management, encouraging vendors to exhibit solutions that enhance asset integrity in line with sustainability goals.

Asset Integrity