Media Partnership Announcement: APM LEAD and Manila Standard Join Forces for Executive Summit and Sustainable Futures 2024

Media Partnership (L-R) From Manila Standard - Elvin Clarete, Circulation Supervisor; Mr. Edgar Valmorida, Circulation Manager; From Erudite - Mr. Wins Bernal, President; Ms. Jaymie Jaramillo, Project Coordinator

We are thrilled to announce a new media partnership between APM LEAD and Manila Standard. This collaboration marks a significant step forward for our upcoming events, the APM LEAD Executive Summit and APM LEAD Sustainable Futures 2024. This partnership not only aims to enhance the reach and impact of our events but also strengthens our mutual commitment to promoting leadership and sustainability.

The partnership was formalized through a signing ceremony attended by Mr. Wins Bernal, representing APM LEAD, and the Mr. Edgar Valmorida as the  Circulation Manager of Manila Standard. The agreement underscores both organizations’ dedication to fostering a platform for leaders and innovators who are steering the path towards sustainable futures.

What This Partnership Means

  1. Enhanced CoverageManila Standard will provide extensive media coverage for both events. Their expertise in influential reporting will play a crucial role in informing the community and stakeholders about the summit’s discussions and outcomes.
  2. Broader Outreach: With Manila Standard‘s wide readership, the events are set to gain a significantly larger audience, ensuring that the valuable insights and discussions reached are not just local but also national in scope.
  3. Shared Vision: Both APM LEAD and Manila Standard are committed to highlighting and supporting sustainable practices and leadership excellence. This partnership will leverage both platforms to promote these ideals more effectively.

Looking Forward

Mr. Bernal expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are excited to work with Manila Standard to enhance our event visibility.” Mr. Valmorida of Manila Standard also supported this sentiment, emphasizing the collaboration’s role in fostering discussions on leadership and sustainability.


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