Welcome to the APM 4.0 LEAD Convention. APM 4.0 is Asset Performance Management in the age of Industry 4.0, and LEAD stands for Leadership, Engineering, and Advantage. I am honored to welcome all attendees to this significant event, which brings together experts in reliability engineering, asset integrity, RAM, equipment maintenance, and engineering leadership and competence.

This convention was inspired by ISO 55000 Asset Management, the international standard for best practices in asset management. It is a great opportunity to learn from and collaborate with industry leaders who are at the forefront of implementing these practices. Our speaking panel will feature respected, senior representatives from the asset management industry, as well as government entities and professional bodies.

Attendees will have the chance to learn from case studies and panel discussions, and participate in workshops led by industry experts. There will also be an exhibition space for vendors to showcase their latest products and services.

I encourage all attendees to take full advantage of this opportunity to network, learn, and share knowledge with their peers. Let’s work together to advance the field of asset management and ensure the reliability, availability, and maintainability of our critical assets. Thank you for joining us at the APM 4.0 LEAD Convention 2023.