Effective Leadership in Asset Management: Strategic Insights from Shireen Prince at APM LEADCon 2023

Media Partnership (L-R) From Manila Standard - Elvin Clarete, Circulation Supervisor; Mr. Edgar Valmorida, Circulation Manager; From Erudite - Mr. Wins Bernal, President; Ms. Jaymie Jaramillo, Project Coordinator

The APM LEADCon 2023 served as a beacon of insight for asset management professionals, spotlighting the expertise of Shireen Prince, Chief Asset Management Officer/Technical Consultant at Aboitiz Power Corp. Her keynote presentation provided a multidimensional view of Asset Performance Management (APM) in the era of Industry 4.0, emphasizing the critical role of effective leadership.

Embracing Industry 4.0 and Leadership Excellence

With a nod to the pioneering initiatives at Aboitiz Power Corp, Prince demonstrated how integrating Industry 4.0 technologies such as smart analytics, IoT, and predictive maintenance can lead to significant operational enhancements. She conveyed that strong leadership is the driving force behind the adoption of these technologies, which bolsters data-driven decision-making and augments asset life cycles.

Strategic Advantages of Leadership in APM

Prince’s presentation delved into the strategic benefits of leadership in APM, highlighting key advantages:

  • Strategic and Enhanced Decision-Making: Leaders with strategic foresight drive organizations through the complexities of asset management, enhancing decision-making and aligning with long-term goals.
  • Cost Reduction, Efficiency, Risk Mitigation: Proactive asset management strategies propelled by leadership can reduce costs, streamline operations, and mitigate risks.
  • Resource Optimization: Effective leaders excel in optimizing resources, ensuring that assets are utilized to their fullest potential.
Confronting Challenges and Seizing Future Trends

Prince outlined the challenges asset managers face, including rapid technological advancements, evolving regulations, and the push towards sustainability. She posited that leaders must stay ahead of these trends, ensuring their strategies are adaptive, compliant, and sustainable.

People, Processes, and Technology: The Pillars of APM

The presentation also underscored the essential pillars of APM—people, processes, and technology—as areas where leadership can make a significant impact:

  • People: Leaders must foster a collaborative and innovative culture for both individual and organizational growth.
  • Processes: Clear and efficient processes are foundational for the smooth operation of asset management systems, necessitating strategic leadership.
  • Technology: Leaders guide the adoption of advanced technological tools, underpinning detailed analysis and operational efficiency
Leadership’s Mandate in the New Normal

In addressing the New Normal, Prince stressed the need for asset management strategies that are resilient and flexible, ensuring asset integrity and performance are maintained amidst disruption. Her anticipatory approach to asset management aims to align APM with sustainable development goals, marking a shift towards future readiness.



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